Deciphering the World of Lenses: Bifocal or Varifocal? Your Comprehensive Guide to Making the Right Choice


Hello there, are you feeling a bit perplexed by the array of eyewear options? Bifocals, trifocals, varifocals… it can indeed seem like a foreign language. But fret not! Consider this a friendly chat with your trusted eyewear expert. By the time we’re done, you’ll be speaking “lens lingo” like a pro.


Bifocal or Varifocal: Let’s Dive In

Let’s start with the basics. Choosing between bifocal and varifocal lenses primarily depends on your personal preferences and your eye’s specific needs. Yes, your eyes have their unique language, and we’re fluent in it!


Varifocal (Multifocal) Lenses

Picture having one pair of glasses that effortlessly adapts to whatever you’re doing. Reading a book? Check. Driving? Double-check. Varifocals provide a seamless transition between various prescriptions. There are no awkward lines, just fluid, natural vision.


Why You Might Embrace Them:

  • No need to shift gears between prescriptions; it’s like cruise control for your eyes!
  • They’ve got you covered, whether you’re reading a smartphone screen or gazing at a sunset.


Points to Keep in Mind:

  • Transitioning between different focal points may feel like a graceful waltz initially.
  • If you’re new to varifocals, you might experience a “getting-to-know-you” phase, which could include mild headaches or dizziness.


Trifocal Lenses

Think of trifocals as an extended version of bifocals. They’re perfect for those moments when you need a Swiss Army knife for your eyes. However, the distinct lines between the prescriptions can make your vision seem somewhat like a layered cake.


Bifocal Lenses

Ah, the dependable bifocals! If you prefer a straightforward approach, these lenses offer precisely that. One portion is for distance vision, and the other is for reading, with a clear-cut line dividing the two. It’s simple yet effective.


What’s Great About Them:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Ideal if you enjoy compartmentalising your life (and your vision!)



  • It’s a bit like having two different rooms for your eyes, without a hallway connecting them.
  • If you’re seeking more versatility, these might not be your best fit.


The Extras: Lens Enhancements

Now that you’ve settled on a lens type, let’s talk about enhancements. From progressive to aspheric to polycarbonate lenses, we’ll guide you through these nuances, much like a sommelier navigating a wine list.


In Conclusion

Feeling more enlightened? We certainly hope so! Ultimately, your eyes deserve nothing less than the best. If you’re still uncertain about the bifocal vs. varifocal dilemma, no worries – pay a visit to our Middleton branch. We’re not just about finding the right lenses; we’re about finding the right fit for your life.

Ready for your next eyewear adventure? Contact us to arrange your personalised consultation. Remember, your eyes are as unique as you are, and we’re here to celebrate that uniqueness!


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