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Our optometrists have over 20 years experience and will always take the time to check your eye health in depth, ensure your prescription is as sharp as possible, and explain your results clearly. You will always get the most accurate prescription ensuring optimal and comfortable vision from your spectacles or contact lenses - It's what we're incredibly passionate about.

See Perfectly, Look Great

For modern day digital lifestyles there are small enhancements that can be made to your prescription that will massively improve visual comfort during a long day at the screens. Speak to our lens experts in practice to learn more.

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Steps to a Great Eye Exam

We learn about you and your life, so we can recommend the best solution for you.

Your Optometrist will carry out all the clinical checks on your eyes and you’ll get to see a picture of your retina.

We'll advise you on the best lens type for you and explain why.

Our Eye Exams Explained

Being great at eye care, we pride ourselves on the thorough detail with which we examine your eyes. We offer 2 levels of eye examination. Our Standard eye examination includes a retinal photograph and is £45. Our Advanced eye examination includes a 3D ultrasound scan of your eyes and helps detect sight threatening conditions much earlier than conventional methods. We would recommend the OCT scan if you have any concerns about your eyes or have a family history of any eye disease.

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It’s no secret that we really get to know you; it’s one of the reasons customers love coming to us, and why so many have been with us for years.

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