Introducing Lool: The Epitome of Lightweight, Artistic Eyewear

Introduction The world of eyewear is vast and diverse, with numerous brands vying for a spot in the limelight. Among these, a brand that stands out for its minimalistic, yet innovative design is Lool Eyewear. Originating from the vibrant city of Barcelona, Lool brings forth a fresh and creative perspective to the eyewear industry. This […]

Why Etnia Barcelona is More Than Just Eyewear

Why Etnia Barcelona is More Than Just Eyewear Etnia Barcelona isn’t just a brand; it’s a statement, a way of seeing the world through lenses crafted with artistry and conscience. Each piece of eyewear is a narrative, telling stories of tradition, innovation, and sustainability. Unveiling the Artistry: Collections that Speak Volumes Etnia’s diverse collections are […]

Transition to Clarity: Varifocal Contact Lenses at Ashworth Opticians

Introduction Venturing into the domain of varifocal lenses can be an intimidating experience, particularly with the common challenges associated with varifocal glasses. The conventional varifocal glasses, albeit innovative, carry their share of issues such as loss of focus leading to headaches and dizziness during tasks that require swift changes in near and middle distance focus […]

iClean Treatment: Revolutionising Eye Health with BlephEx

iClean Treatment: Revolutionising Eye Health with BlephEx Introduction Greetings, discerning vision enthusiasts! 👋 We understand your commitment to the well-being of your eyes, and we share that dedication. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to our groundbreaking iClean treatment featuring BlephEx. You might be wondering, “What’s that?” Well, get ready to embark on an innovative […]

The Ultimate Guide to Relieving Dry Eye and Blepharitis

The Ultimate Guide to Relieving Dry Eye and Blepharitis Introduction Hello, vision enthusiasts! 👋 Have you ever experienced the pesky sensation of scratchy or irritated eyes? Does it seem like there’s a persistent foreign body in your eye that just won’t go away? If so, welcome to the perplexing but common world of Dry Eye […]

The Ultimate Guide to Age-Defying Vision After 45

Mastering Age-Defying Vision After 45: Your Ultimate Guide Introduction   Greetings to all the fantastic individuals aged 45 and beyond! If you’ve started noticing that small print isn’t as clear as it used to be or find yourself juggling multiple pairs of glasses just to get through the day, fret not. We’re here to delve […]

Types Of Contact Lenses

contact lens hello on the finger

The contact lens have come a long way since 1948, when an optical technician named Kevin Touhy introduced the corneal lens. This is the smaller contact lens we see most often today. The first commercially available soft contact lens was introduced in 1971.(source) These were made out of hydrogel, a hydrophilic (water-loving) polymer. Now there are many […]

What Is Presbyopia And Can It Be Corrected

Did you know when you buy your contact lenses from Asda Opticians in-store or online, you are entitled to FREE aftercare at any of our 120+ opticians? Click here to find your nearest store and book an appointment. Regular aftercare is a vital part of wearing contact lenses. This service checks the health of your eyes and […]

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