Transition to Clarity: Varifocal Contact Lenses at Ashworth Opticians

9 October 2023


Venturing into the domain of varifocal lenses can be an intimidating experience, particularly with the common challenges associated with varifocal glasses. The conventional varifocal glasses, albeit innovative, carry their share of issues such as loss of focus leading to headaches and dizziness during tasks that require swift changes in near and middle distance focus like climbing stairs. The distortion in peripheral vision, and the need to keep one’s head straight while looking down to read are additional notable challenges. These issues often deter individuals from opting for varifocal glasses, leaving them in a visual quandary.

However, the realm of optics has evolved, ushering in varifocal contact lenses as a viable solution to these common issues. At Ashworth Opticians, we stand at the vanguard of this optical evolution, ensuring a seamless transition to clear vision with varifocal contact lenses. Our dedicated team of optometrists is proficient in prescribing varifocal contact lenses that offer a comfortable and accurate solution to your vision needs.

Key Takeaways

Aspect Detail

Varifocal Contact Lenses

A modern solution eliminating common varifocal glasses issues.

Expertise at Ashworth Opticians

Ensuring 100% accurate prescriptions for comfortable vision.

Seamless Transition

Experience a hassle-free transition from blurred to clear vision.

Ashworth Opticians: Your Trusted Experts

Choosing the right varifocal contact lenses is a pivotal decision that demands expert guidance. At Ashworth Opticians, our adept team ensures your prescription is 100% accurate, guaranteeing a comfortable fit and clear vision across all distances. Our comprehensive eye exams coupled with personalized consultations ensure you receive varifocal contact lenses that resolve the common problems associated with varifocal glasses.

The Epiphany Bridge

The journey from blurred vision to crystal clarity need not be a strenuous one. Our team at Ashworth Opticians understands the hurdles faced by individuals with traditional varifocal glasses. The tales of constant headaches, dizziness, and the dreaded “swimming” feeling when walking are all too familiar. It’s a narrative that echoes the woes of many, and we are here to offer a new chapter.

Enter the domain of varifocal contact lenses—a leap in optical technology that eradicates the common discomforts associated with varifocal glasses. Varifocal contact lenses provide perfect vision for both reading and distance, all without the hassles of traditional varifocal glasses. This is the bridge to an epiphany of clear, comfortable vision.

Transition to Comfort and Clarity

Varifocal contact lenses are not merely a solution; they are a transition to a realm of visual comfort and clarity. Our experts at Ashworth Opticians are dedicated to making this transition as smooth as possible. We hold the beacon of trust and expertise, guiding you across the bridge from common varifocal glasses issues to a world where clear vision is a comfortable reality.


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Embark on a voyage of visual freedom with varifocal contact lenses at Ashworth Opticians. Our trusted experts are here to provide a precise prescription ensuring a comfortable fit and uninterrupted vision. Step into a world of clarity and comfort, transcending the common hurdles of varifocal glasses. Your path to clear vision is but a consultation away. Book your appointment with our trusted optometrists today and experience the Ashworth Opticians difference.

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